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About our company

Lawn King has been locally owned and operated since 1975. To ensure expertise and customer satisfaction your Lawn King owner-operator is on your lawn for each service. We use the highest quality materials and attention to detail to create healthy, beautiful lawns.

Our lawn service provides everything to grow a thick, green, healthy and beautiful lawn. Although many lawns in the area face similar concerns, we understand that each lawn is unique. Your program will be tailored specifically to fit your lawn needs. In general, we treat a customers lawns 5 times each year with custom-designed fertilizer. Our fertilizers emphasize high amounts of potash to develop tough plants with very deep root systems and slow-release nitrogen to develop long-lasting beautiful green grass. Along with these treatments, crabgrass, weed, and insect controls are applied in preventative and curative measures as necessary. Grub control is included. Lawn King uses a mix of both liquid weed controls and granular fertilizers in order to achieve maximum results. Additional service calls are free! Lime and spot seeding are included and are done in late summer or early fall. Unlike many other companies, our goal is more than just putting down the best products. Our goal is to develop and maintain an outstandingly healthy and beautiful lawn that we all can be pleased with.You see the lawn much more often than we do. If you see a concern, or if you have questions, it is appreciated if you contact us right away!

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Our Values


Through the application of our vision, mission, and values, we give 100% of ourselves to achieving the goals necessary to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We love what we do.


Committing to the highest standards of excellence in all phases of our company by always using quality materials, demonstrating professionalism, providing the best service and focusing on safety.

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Maintaining open and active relationships with our clients to provide the best service while always seeking to establish new relationships to grow our company.


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